a little bit about wakeboarding at Camel Ski SChool…

Wakeboarding is a surface watersport where you are pulled by a boat and skim the surface of the water. The wakeboard is a short rectangular board with two boot bindings - a cross between a snowboard and a skateboard!

Although it is not as traditional as waterskiing, wakeboarding is now extremely popular. Along with carving motions, wakeboarders have developed their own exciting tricks both on the water’s surface and in the air!

At Camel Ski School, we accommodate children and adults of all sizes by being equipped with boards and bindings suitable for a range of ages and skill levels. We can coach absolute beginners who are interested in trying it out, up to advanced boarders who are keen to perfect the perfect technique; our qualified boat drivers/coaches can help you achieve your goals.

How long are sessions, and do I need to book in advance?

A normal wakeboard session will be 15 minutes per person, however if you are an absolute beginner we recommend a half an hour beginner session. To avoid disappointment please book in advance, we are almost always fully booked throughout the summer. If you are planning on booking a block of sessions, don’t forget to look at our bundle deals!

Who can do it?

Wakeboarding can be done by anyone, but if you have experience snowboarding, surfing or skateboarding, this might suit you best. Theres no real age limit for wakeboarding with us, but we usually start at 8 years old.

Can I make a group booking, or can my family come and watch?

We can take up to 5 people on our beginner wakeboarding boats; a mix of spectators and wakeboarders, or all of you can be taking part. If you are an experience/advanced wakeboarder check out our Axis on the wake surfing page!

Are there changing facilities?

Yes! We have both female and male changing rooms, each with a hot shower and toilet. You can leave your belongings in the changing rooms, but please be aware we don’t have any lockers. Any valuables can be kept behind the desk during your session.

What about equipment?

We have absolutely everything you will need to enjoy your time on the water with us, we have a huge range of thick C-Skins wetsuits, wakeboards and bouyancy aids - all included in the price of your session. Just bring yourself and some swimmers!

What happens if I need to cancel, or the weather is bad?

We will only cancel sessions if the conditions are dangerous - rain won’t stop us! For our full cancellation policy click here.