So, what is the SBD2 licence, and why do you need it?

From 2016, it is necessary to hold the SBD2 qualification (or equivalent) if you wish to have a ski permit issued to your vessel in the Camel Estuary. At Camel Ski School, we are aware that some people have been driving boats for many years and we will take this into consideration when booking a course, however if you have any queries as to the type of course you need, do not hesitate to contact us.

The RYA Powerboat 2 is not acceptable on its own but we can provide an assessment course to bring it up to SBD2 level. The MCA recognize the SBD2 as the equivalent of the RYA level 2.

What will you do during the course?

Within the course, you will cover all the necessary theory of this internationally recognised qualification, as well as getting involved with the practical side of boating, including maneuvers and towing a skier. Each course includes your ICC (International Certificate of Competence).

You will need to join the BWSW but thankfully you receive x4 glossy magazines throughout the year.  Even better than that when you pass your exam you receive a discount on your boat insurance! 


1:1 two day

1:2+ two day

1:1 one day

1:2+ one day