a little bit about BOAT CHARTERS at Camel ski school…

If you fancy taking your time then why not choose the charter option? We’ll take you skiing, wakeboarding or wake surfing and use the inflatables, all within a half day option. Our Briggs can take up to 5 people, for bigger groups our Axis A20 can seat 10 people… it’s a perfect way to spend a day or half day on the water in safe hands.

We usually take you on either one of our waterski boats if you’d like to mono ski/waterski and beginner wakeboard, or we can take you on our Axis if you’d like to wakeboard and wake surf. You then have the option to spend the last half an hour on our inflatables boat if you fancy a final blast on the banana boat or donuts.

Every charter includes driver, insurance, equipment and fuel.

How long are charters, and do I need to book in advance?

All charters are 2.5 hours long, made up of a variety of our activities. Boat charters must be booked in advanced to ensure we have a long enough time slot.

Who can do it?

Check out our other activity pages for age restrictions and descriptions of each activity.

Can I make a group booking, or can my family come and watch?

The boat charters are best for groups and families. Each boat offers space for different numbers of people - the Axis can take up to 10, and the waterski boats can take up to 5. This can be a mixture of spectators and participants - we even have the odd dog come and watch!

Are there changing facilities?

Yes! We have both female and male changing rooms, each with a hot shower and toilet. You can leave your belongings in the changing rooms, but please be aware we don’t have any lockers. Any valuables can be kept behind the desk during your session.

What about equipment?

We have absolutely everything you will need to enjoy your time on the water with us, we have a huge range of thick C-Skins wetsuits, equipment for every activity, level and age, and bouyancy aids - all included in the price of the charter. Just bring yourself and some swimmers!

What happens if I need to cancel, or the weather is bad?

We will only cancel charters if the conditions are dangerous - rain won’t stop us! For our full cancellation policy click here.